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Favorite quote:

"It is only in his work that an artist can find reality and satisfaction,for the actual world is less intense than the world of his invention and consequently his life, without recourse to violent disorder does not seem very substantial" -Tennessee WILLIAMS

"Pursue the things you love doing and do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you. All other Tangible rewards will come as a result" -Maya Angelou

Born in the Bronx, of two immigrant parents Antoinette’s childhood was spent between West Palm Beach and her parents native island Jamaica. She attributes her intense connection to nature and her heritage, with her frequent trips back to Jamaica.

While attending Stony Brook University, where she graduated with a Bachelors in Chemistry, she’d taken a mandatory theatre elective, and it was during that class that she realized she possessed an insatiable hunger for the theatre. While performing “Gingham Dog” under the supervision of Nina Murano, she was quoted saying “ I’d never experienced anything like that before,  freedom and acceptance in such a truthful, safe place. A feeling I’ve never felt before, and the ‘one’ feeling i know i could never again live without.”

With this epiphany in the foreground of her thoughts she sought the “best” the industry had to offer; William Esper. Upon graduating  Two Year Conservatory at the William Esper Studio, I have faith that the sky will indeed be the limit for this multi-talented, beautiful young woman.